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Enterprise VR and AR with the highest resolution – Varjo Enterprise VR and AR with the highest resolution – Varjo

The benefits are clear across all workflows.

Test and validate early design concepts, massively reduce prototyping costs, train much more naturally, gain deeper research insights, or enjoy the most immersive simulation experience – just a few of the considerable benefits Varjo brings to your daily workflow.

Perform at the highest level in any reality.

Varjo’s industry-leading mixed and virtual reality headsets enable professional performance at the highest level in a fully immersive environment.

Get in the zone

Training and Simulation

Put your team in the right frame of mind the moment they enter the simulation environment – keeping them deeply focused and completely engaged in their training.

The future of creativity

Industrial Design and Engineering

Revolutionize design and creative work by getting immersed in the most natural augmented and virtual reality environments ever constructed.

When precision matters


Imagine an experience so natural that it takes medical professionals to a higher level of focus and emotional engagement. Prepare for the most challenging real-life situations in a fail-safe way.

Insights into human behavior


Discover key behavioral insights with a level of accuracy you would expect from real-world studies, but without the considerable research costs.

Designed for professional VR. Now available for all.

Meet the all-new Varjo Aero

Varjo Aero is the newest virtual reality headset in our portfolio of industrial-grade VR/XR headsets. It is the first Varjo device available to all demanding VR users – organizations and individuals alike.

  • Leading visual quality and performance: Edge-to-edge clarity at 35 PPD​ with a 115° horizontal field of view.
  • Stay immersed for hours in total comfort thanks to advanced ergonomics, reduced weight, and active cooling​.
  • 200hz eye tracking with foveated rendering and automatic mechanical IPD adjustment deliver a crystal-clear image no matter where you look.
  • Variable resolution aspheric lenses eliminate god rays​ and reflections.

Industry leaders and pioneers choose Varjo – Find out why we are the leading solution for enterprise VR / AR / XR:

From the very beginning we’ve built Varjo devices for visionaries in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Here’s what they have to say about us.

“Before, reviewing a car model with design management meant flying to Korea and took at least four days. Now, I can do it in one hour.”

Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design at Kia Motors Europe
Read case study with Kia Motors

“Immersive simulation training that replicates real-life scenarios is essential in helping prepare health care providers and students provide safe patient care.”

Ingrid Laerdal, Vice President of Patient Care at Laerdal
Read more about medical training with Varjo

“Being able to read the crew displays with a VR headset from a normal position in the capsule was mandatory. We were really stuck – until we found a headset that worked.”

CONNIE MILLER – Software Engineer, BOEING
Read case study on astronaut training

“With Varjo's technology, we are able to do things in a day that would normally take weeks or longer.”

Casper Wickman, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars
Read about The World’s First Mixed Reality Test Drive

“With Varjo XR-3, the realism is further increased in Prepar3D which removes negative training when recreating conditions of the most mission critical scenarios.”

Chris Metel, Prepar3D Engineering Program Manager at Lockheed Martin
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“Varjo is providing the only solution to good quality mixed reality training.”

Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development at Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Read how Apache helicopter pilots train with Varjo

Ready to take the plunge to enterprise VR / AR?


Business customers have access to our full product range:

  • Varjo XR-3
  • Varjo VR-3
  • Varjo Aero

Available in over 35 countries


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.

  • Varjo Aero

Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Switzerland, Iceland, and Australia.


Business customers have access to our full product range.


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.